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Web Design Packages Available Now!

Pro Page: One

The premier one page scrolling site for your business, portfolio, or hobby. And epic page with  seven content sections will put you online in a big way!

$200+ First Year
$100+ Annual Renewal

Pro Site: Three

This three page site allows you to push your brand to the next level. Improve your responsiveness when dealing with your today by ordering your Pro Site: Three.

$500+ First Year
$160+ Annual Renewal

Pro Site: Five

A deluxe hand-craft five page user experience, based on your products or services. Upgrade your business to the Pro Network Now and sell more!

$750+ First Year
$200+ Annual Renewal

Pro Site: Ten

This is our biggest site at ten pages and it means serious business. Looking to step into the eCommerce world? Get a Pro Site: Ten and show the world you.

$1250+ First Year
$450+ Annual Renewal

Web Presence Management

Our flagship product is our Web Presence Management package. This package is all inclusive and gives you the driver’s seat in your site’s development. We use rapid deployment applications, our own specialized communications system and a laundry list of service and systems to be able to provide masterfully built and maintained web presences for you.

Wordpress Wizardry

We're master WordPress wizards and can make any design pop and sparkle. We can make your site how you want it, or be left to build you something from our own library of masterpieces

Full Workflow Design

We look to improve your performance, presentation, image, and availability on the internet. We use design to give you business, yourself and your brand a voice.

Progressive System

We only take on a limited amount of design work at once and progressively push each through regular sprints. Each sprint we dedicate ourselves to improving your site.

How it works - 5 Easy Steps to a Top Tier WordPress Site

Contact Sales or Place an Order
Almost all sites are packaged products with us, and they are much more affordable for it. We do have certain cases which are unique. If you think this is you, you just have questions, or prefer to have someone walk through the process with you, please contact sales using the live chat system on this site. If you prefer to simply pay, and have your site made from your questionnaire that is possible too, just place your order and within 24h you will be contacted with your questionnaire.
Website Packages
You Complete the On-Boarding Questionairre
We give you a link and you complete the questionnaire we have crafted to get the site off the ground. These results are used to design the initial prototype of your site.
Your Pro is Assigned and Contacts You With Their Plan!
A member of the Pro Network is assigned to you specifically and we give you the ability to see and discuss your Pro's plan for your site. You will be given the ability to modify the plan, slightly, and confirm you are ready to continue with your Pro.
You give your okay.
Once you confirm you're good with the plan or optionally make changes to the plan as appropriate, and work with your designated Computer Pro Network Professional for up to your plan's allotted time of phone, live chat, or teleconference time to ensure your plan is right. Extra time can be purchased and is comped as needed to ensure your site is right. You are invoiced at this point and payment is due.
We build your site! Done. Simple.
We generally take around a week to put a single page site and around a month to complete larger sites. We operate on an honor policy change system. All changes under 15 minutes per day are free. We have a simple even payment matrix for extra changes and include changes for the initial completion of your site included in each package.
Buy A Pro Site Today!

Custom Workflow

Progressive project management tactics are vital to how we operate. We use specialized tools such as Airtable to manage our own formal workflow and we integrate you into that at each step. We use Airtable to do client on-boarding which gives us a formal document of your expected site, We also use Airtable to manage site media and track progress. We use secure Office365 Business accounts to manage legal documents, and have a specialized chat server where you get your own private channel you can invite people to and involve your whole organization.

Design Focused

We use rapid development tools such as WordPress and Elementor Pro to develop lush, vivid, web experiences such as this one in no time at all. These tools allows us to keep costs low, complexity to a minimum, and to push out your content in record time. We use a hands-on approach and give you access to directly interact with the staff making your site during the process. This is completely optional and we can design a site with as little as a logo, a name and a industry. Once that’s made we review the design of the site until you have your perfect site.

Packaged Billing

Shady quote mechanics designed to rope you into long term or predatory contracts are a thing of the past here. We will take your quote request, consider any special items (incredibly uncommon) which may be involved, add them to one of our pre-existing package deals as an addendum and call it done. We don’t price gouge and if you see a special it works exactly the way it sounds. No arbitrary, outlandish numbers, no fake one month sales or arbitrary service fees. Just simple pricing for your whole site.

Small changes are always free!*

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Our Clients:

* Small changes are any change that takes less than 15 minutes of work. You may only have one free ‘Small Change’ per day per service contract and tasks can be pooled to equal 15 minutes, up to five tasks. Examples of single tasks are fix a typo or change this date or swap a picture in the header.

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