Project Priceless

How much should your eCommerce web site cost?

I Will Start With the Total:

1000$ - 5000$

These are the primary cost indicators:

Don't over-buy for your site!!!

Business sites without eCommerce, even with a large and interactive designs shouldn’t cost more than around 100$ per-page. Generally eCommerce sites should come with at least a three page website to add validity to the company selling the product.

What else might cost me money?

What is Project Priceless?

Project Priceless is an idea here at the Computer Pro Network that your company, or even hobby website should feel and be priceless to you the owner. We want to see passion and growth in the sites we build and love to see users bring forward new and inventive ideas. Part of the hardship in getting a website for your passion built is the funding, they aren’t cheap. So what we want to do is make it affordable enough to start that process. Getting your foot on the ground with a site is simplistic and costs at current numbers as little as 200$ for the first year, and 100$ each year after. We’ve seen companies price gouging, and it’s the only word for it. Some we’ve discussed with clients and seen ourselves have charged as much as 120$ per month and substantial upfront costs, for their services while providing little in way of changes or design modifications when requested. This makes pricing the website a painful and slow process for both sides and doesn’t often allow for solid growth oriented progression with your site’s development.

We look to break that mold wide open here at The Computer Pro Network! No more 20,000$ price tag for a simple, ten page website with a contact form and marketing integration. And let’s be clear – That’s a completely ridiculous number by our standards. We provide that same site for 1,250$ a fraction of the 5,000$+ mark people may be used to. We also want to provide a single experience, there is no difference between bespoke and packaged. We’ve learned to work with all the packaging like WordPress and can easily make bespoke high quality solutions. With high quality solutions existing on the market and in the open source community such as Elementor Pro, WooCommerce, RocketChat and many more we can implement any custom solution you need quickly, and cheaply.

As such the goal of Project Priceless is to illustrate that priceless doesn’t mean too expensive to have a flat and reasonable price and a site that will provide a return on investment. Websites are not just technology they can be your business. We know as a new business owner you often simply can’t afford the quality level needed from your site, and simply ignore it all together. Don’t dismiss your site nor eCommerce platform we can do them if others can’t and that’s what Project Priceless is all about!

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