We take compliance and business continuity very seriously and comply with all laws and regulations of the jurisdiction of Oklahoma, The United States of America and all international legal bodies. We are a PCI Compliant vendor and are registered as an LLC. We are a startup and are focused on growth and customer retention. We have a unique set of policies and maintain Error and Omissions insurance

If you have any legal issues please contact legal@thecomputer.pro or call us at: +1-405-886-2574.


About our operations.

With your account at The Computer Pro Network you are assigned a professional point-of-contact which specializes in your primary requirements. For example, if you purchase a Pro Site: Ten this will the designer of your site. This person acts as your liaison with the company and can assist with anything from sales to services requests all the way up to ticket escalation. Aside from your Personal Pro you will also be assigned other contacts as your needs change and you require service. For example if your assigned Pro is unavailable and you have an Accelerated Support Plan your ticket will still meet it’s appropriate SLA as you will have an additional designer or technician assigned to service the call.

Each day you can put in a ticket, or if you have an accelerate support plan, a request in chat or by phone, to have any change which takes under fifteen minutes of work to complete made to the site. These tasks will be completed by your personal Pro within 24 hours, or sooner with an Accelerated Support Plan. Any work taking longer than 15 will be issued as a full change. Pro Site: Tens come with 5 full change credits per year to cover these changes.

We use formal change policies to interact with our clients. When purchasing a website from us you agree to use this process to see your site made. This process is outlined as part of your package and gives us a method to ensure your money isn’t wasted on frivolous changes. You confirming the changes is a requirement for companies like ours to keep error and omissions insurance.

Shared hosting has the standard SLA provided in our terms of service. This covers the ability to connect to, and login to the control panel your selected hosting uses such as Plesk or cPanel. This SLA also covers the availability of the server hosting the site to the internet. It does allow for scheduled maintenance windows which will be announced ahead of time.